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I’ve been tagged by Bex @mummyadventure in a meme all about why. The meme was started by mummycentral
It’s a word I know I’ll have to get used to hearing from Isaac so I’m getting in first with a few of my own whys!:-)

Why is the washing machine so fascinating?

Why is 5:30 an appropriate time to wake up, make lots of noise, make sure I’m awake then fall asleep again?

Why are you drawn to things that I’d rather you didn’t touch/chew-wires, my phone, the remote control….?

Why is a clean nappy always an invitation for a poosplosion?

Why is my hair so good to pull, chew…?

Why is the sponge at bathtime so tasty?

Why did I ever think I needed 8 hours sleep?

Why is there no better sound than your giggle?

Why does your hair after a bath smell so gorgeous?

Why when I think my hearts full of love for you is there always room for more?


I’m going to tag


Have fun!:-)


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