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The Gallery has been going for 100 posts! I’ve only recently started to join in but I love the chance to share photos and look at the brilliant variety of photos that others post.

The theme this week is Picture Postcard.
A photo that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard or greetings card, and the chance to win a competition to have our photos printed 🙂

I’ve chosen this photo


It was taken late one afternoon on the Isle of Skye. The sheep were the only other traffic on the road and they weren’t going to move! They calmly plodded along till they got to where they wanted to be and we just had to follow behind 🙂

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  1. Jenny paulin

    That’s a winter wonderland scene there. it’s a great photo and I live how the sheep are just standing around in the middle of the road xx

  2. Love the light and the colours in your photo!

  3. What a fantastic winter sky…so moody

  4. That makes me feel cold just looking at it!

  5. Beautiful. Feels odd looking at it when it’s so warm here right now

  6. That’s a great shot although i’m much preferring the warm weather we’ve got at the mo xx

  7. That’s just beautiful. Winter is my favourite season and this is one of the reasons why! And yes I still love winter even when it is as gloriously hot as it is today!

  8. It seems exotic. Good choice♫♪

  9. Great photo x

  10. That’s great. Looks like a painting rather than a photo

  11. Love it, the gleam of sunset shining through on the white snow 🙂 x


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