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Flashback Friday-Waiting

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This is my first time joining Flashback Friday 🙂
The theme is waiting.
I’ve chosen this photo

We were in Toronto for New Years Eve 2010. This photo was taken at Niagara Falls, it was freezing but amazing.
That day I just knew I was pregnant, I had a slight ache in my tummy, was a couple of days late and just knew! ( after our miscarriage earlier in the year i was very in tune with my body!) I was determined to wait till we came home to do a pregnancy test. So I was waiting, impatiently! Once we were home I managed to wait about a week till I was definitely late, and obviously the result was positive!

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  1. You’ve got more patience than I have, I’d be rubbish at waiting that long to test! Thank you for linking up

  2. kellyatherton

    me to, i couldnt of helped myself and would of had to do a test there and then… have a lot more patience than me 🙂

  3. Jenny paulin

    Awww wow you did well to wait til you got home! That wait must have taken forever! I would love t visit Niagara Falls it must be awesome sight to behold up close like that.
    Great to see a new flashback Friday face too xx


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