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I’ve been tagged by Mushypea in a meme to find out my 5 happy places 🙂

1. Is New Hampshire, USA. We went there on honeymoon, it was Autumn, the trees were stunning, weather gorgeous, people really friendly and of course it’s the home of Ben & Jerrys ice cream!


2. Would be Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland. I love the coast, it’s especially beautiful up here. Bamburgh is where Mr P and I first told each other we loved each other so it’s especially special:-)


3. Is Starbucks, specifically when I get to meet my best friend there. I met Emma 10 years ago, she’s a brilliant friend, she was my bridesmaid, and fellow Starbucks fan! I don’t get to see her often enough now I’ve moved from London but whenever we do meet it’s as if no time has padded in between, we just carry on as if we still see each other every day. I miss her loads though!


4. Anywhere with snow! I love walking in the snow-I’m far too uncoordinated to learn to ski! It just makes everything look different, fresh and beautiful.
5. Is home, with my little family. I just love chilling at home with my boys.



So there's my 5! I'm linking up to Jenna at stilettos on the school run who was the original writer of this meme.

I tag




Have fun! 🙂


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