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Mr Isaacs birth story….

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I’m linking up my birth story to support a blogger led initiative to raise money for Save The Children’s Build It For Babies campaign. To find out more click here

Little P,as he was known, was due on the 10th Sept 2011.

I found being pregnant nerve wracking. Unfortunately the year before we’d had a miscarriage and I think every twinge, niggle, lack of movement etc just made me panic and worry, I was so scared of feeling that loss again. I should have been reassured by the horrendous morning(!) sickness I had for 20 weeks. I was sick anywhere between 10 and 20 times a day, lost over a stone, and had to be signed off work. As i said this should have reassured me that all was ok but i then worried if I had a day with slightly less sickness….Yes I’m a bit of a worrier!

On the 31st of August I started feeling cramps but just assumed they were Braxton Hicks and got on with my day-well as much as you can at nearly 9 months pregnant!
By the time Mr P came home from work the cramps were becoming more regular and I started to realise they were maybe the real thing! Mr P started to write down the times of my contractions-I still have that piece of paper! We went to bed at the normal time and during the night the contractions must of eased as I got a fairly normal nights sleep.
I felt a bit disappointed to be honest!
But not for long….

Late morning the contractions started again. As the afternoon wore on they became stronger and more regular. By tea time I couldn’t stay sat down when I had one, I had to be either walking round the living room or leaning against a wall! Mr P suggested maybe it was time to call the hospital so I did. My contractions were about 10 mins apart so the midwife advised me to stay at home a bit longer.

By about half 8 my contractions were really strong and again Mr P thought maybe I should ring the hospital! I could hardly talk on the phone and the midwife said we could come in but there was a possibility as a first time mum that I might be sent home.
As we(well Mr P!) got things together my waters broke/exploded-I never expected so much! and the pain became a lot more intense. At this point I did start to panic, the pain went up a level and I really wasn’t sure how I could do this. Mr P was incredible and somehow got me into the car.
The journey was a bit of a blur! I remember I was literally gripping the dashboard and Mr P missed one of the speed bumps-OUCH!

Once at the hospital at 9:15 I waddled into the birthing centre.
The midwife examined me, I remember the conversation very clearly
Me ‘please don’t send me home, I can’t face those speed bumps again!’
She laughed! ‘we’re not sending you home you’re 8cm dilated!’
Me ‘can I PLEASE have some gas and air then?’

I quite liked the gas and air! But the midwife/Mr P took it off me once I started pushing as apparently I “wasn’t concentrating!!”

Little P, soon to be Isaac was born 10 days early on the 1st September at 22:39, 7lbs 5. After lots of pushing, pain, no pain relief-so lots of hand squeezing! he arrived superman style with one arm above his head and the cord wrapped round his neck-thank god I didn’t know this.
I remember the intense relief as he was born. The realisation that finally our little bundle was here, I could hold him, see him, it was incredible.

I know I’m lucky I had a straight forward birth. I also had a brilliant midwife at the birthing centre at the RVI Newcastle.
We were home by the next lunchtime, ever so slightly shell shocked but very very happy!




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  1. Hi – this is a lovely post. I cant beleive you lasted so long at home without realising you were in the throws of labour!! Well done you!
    The reason why everyone is writing birth stories is in support of Blog it For Babies – Save the Children Build it for Babies campaign launches on April 23rd. We’re also highjacking Slient Sunday this week by getting everyone to post a picture from the campaign.
    check out the site that Mammasaurus as set up – all details here:
    Hope this helps explain – you just did a great thing without realising it!! You should definitely link your post up!


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