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My week that was #12

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Time to have a look back at our week!

On Monday we went to use the sensory room at the children’s centre. Isaac loves the lights, especially the fibre optics


On Tuesday the weather went mad! We had lots of snow! A day for staying cozy by the fire

On Wednesday is was sunny but still cold. We wrapped up warm and went for a walk


On Thursday we had a day at home. Isaac continued to try and crawl! He’s getting really good at going backwards!


Friday was the start of a 4 day weekend, yay! Isaac loves having fun with his daddy!


On Saturday we went to a garden centre to get some bits for the garden. They have lots of fish, and small animals, Isaacs eyes were everywhere!

On Sunday I did some gardening while Mr P cooked Sunday lunch. Isaac took up his spot by the washing machine, he loves it!


We had our Sunday lunch, Isaac enjoyed his first Easter lunch


It’s so good seeing him tuck in to everything we put in front of him, I’m very proud!

And that was our week! To join in head over to mummydaddyandme
I’m off now to eat some more choc!
Happy Easter!


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  1. as always i love Isaac’s romper suits – adorable little man 🙂
    i can’t believe you had snow we didn’t get any thank goodness. such a change from all that sunny and hot weather wasn’t it? what a shock! and what a good boy for tucking into his broccoli xx

    • The snow was mad after all the sun, my poor garden got a shock!! Isaac enjoyed watching it too, kept touching the window as if to catch it 🙂


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