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My week that was #11

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I can’t believe it’s the 1st April already! The year is whizzing by!
This week was another noisy week; I’m really hoping the electricity board finish digging up the lane this week, do loud and dusty!
It’s also been a biting while breastfeeding. I’m hoping this is a VERY short phase!

On Monday we had a chilled morning. In the afternoon we went to use the sensory room at our local children’s centre. It’s really good, Isaac especially enjoyed looking at the glitter ball and chewing the fibre optics!

On Tuesday we went to Tiny Talk. It was the last one before Easter so the songs and rhymes were all about rabbits, chicks and of course chocolate!

On Wednesday we had a chilled day at home and spent some time in the garden. Isaac quite likes watching the washing blowing in the wind! We also went for a sunny walk.
For tea we tried making some pea pancakes , I got the recipe from @blwdotcom
We made them originally for Isaac but they were really tasty! Isaac thought so too

They were great for squishing in his hands too!

On Thursday we went for a walk then spent time in the garden enjoying this amazing weather!
For tea we treated ourselves and had steak. I gave a bit to Isaac to try, he loved it! I was curious what he would do-only having 2 teeth!-he mostly sucked on it for ages and did try biting bits off, definitely taking after his meat eating daddy!

On Friday we went to our baby sensory class, the theme was Easter this week. One song involved sitting Isaac on a ball and bouncing like a rabbit, he had such a big smile!

On Saturday we went to the aquarium. Isaacs eyes were so wide looking at the fish whizzing about!

Afterwards we went for a very windy walk by the beach.

On Sunday we had a mostly chilled day. Mr P made Sunday lunch I made dessert. We went for a sunny walk and finally got some photos of Isaac developed. We take so many, especially on our phones, but I think it’s important to have copies too.

And that was our week!
I’m writing this in Monday and last night we were only up once, woo and yay!!

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  1. You do so much with your week! Very impressed. I’ll look forward to reading again next week!


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