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Saturday is Caption Day!

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Saturday again and caption time!
Have fun thinking up captions for my picture 🙂
Isaac is fascinated with anything with a screen-phone, laptop, TV…I’m not sure he could believe his luck that he was in touching distance!
If you look closely his tongue is sticking out in concentration!


Don’t forget to pop over to mammasaurus for more great photos!


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  1. Right now where is mums shopping list, I am going to order some chocolate buttons!

  2. Which to hack first, her twitter, her facebook or her blog? Decisions, decisions!

  3. Lets see what she has been saying about me today

  4. madhouseofcatsandbabies

    I’m not good at captions. How about “what do you mean, you’ve eaten all my Easter chocolate?”
    Babies love technology! I’ve got a simillar picture of Matthew at 10 months, he’d commando crawled to the pc, and was in reach of the flashing buttons and lights on the hardrive. The look of pure amazement plus a slightly shifty (“I’m pretty sure she’s going to remove me from here, so I’d best enjoy this moment for as long as it lasts”) glance around, was hilarious. I’ve got a great photo of that moment. Now of course, he runs over, puts the pc on, puts a dvd in the drive, climbs up, and switches the screen on and yells for me to come and put it on, at aged nearly 2. 😉

  5. At last, I can catch up on that Cbeebies program I missed yesterday.

  6. They’ll never know about my account in the Caymans…. ha hahahahahah

  7. Mummy always seems to be on this thing, whats so good about it anyway?

  8. The rise of the baby bloggers!

  9. Shock Expose as the true writer behind Mr Issac’s Blog is revealed for the first time!

  10. Just setting up my blog – WordPress or blogger?

  11. Lulzsec’s youth hacking team starts ’em early…

  12. Can’t I check out the Ceebeebies website in peace?


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