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My week that was #10

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If I had to sum up this week I would say noisy!
Isaac is continuing to explore the different noises he can make with his mouth, so cute and so loud! The electricity board are digging up our street. Since Isaac has been born the water board, sewage works now the electricity board have dug the road up, thank god he can sleep through the house shaking!
Anyway, on Monday we had a chilled day at home and a lovely walk in the park.

Tuesday we went to Tiny Talk. Isaac especially enjoys the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song, he has a big smile on his face all the way through!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent chilled at home and out for lovely walks in the sunshine. It’s so warm, definitely time for the summer wardrobe although I’m needing a bit of an update! Last year I was pregnant so lived in floaty maxi dressed and this year I need breast feeding friendly clothes!

Friday our normal baby sensory class was cancelled at the last minute so I thought if have a go at some sensory activities at home

I’ve written a post about this which you can read here
We had lots of fun!

Saturday was lovely and sunny. We popped to do some shopping, Isaac helped Mr P with a bit of work!

Then we went for a lovely sunny walk by the river in the afternoon-we walked further than we thought, I was quite tired after!

Sunday (after loosing an hours sleep, an hour I really didn’t have to lose!) we had a quiet morning reading books, playing with toys and Isaac determinedly wanting to crawl!

In the afternoon we found a new park to explore, it’s massive with lots of different parts and we’re both looking forward to Isaac being able to toddle round with us in the future!
And that was our week! Full of smiles, giggles and dare I say it a teensy but more sleep!

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  1. He is such a cutie and love it when they start to discover noise x

  2. He is such a gorgeous little boy and love the sleepsuits, Monkey has the same set 🙂 Looks like it won’t long before he’s crawling! xx

  3. What a lovely week, your little boy is so happy and cute x

  4. Its so lovely to see Isaac wearing baby gros and he has some very colourful ones too 🙂 he is a beautiful boy! I found it hard finding clothes that were easy to breast feed from so i wish you luck. Xx


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