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A fun afternoon with plastic bottles……

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Since he was born Isaacs favourite toys by far have been a shaker and ribbon toy


He’s been given lots of toys by kind friends and family and of course he plays with them but he always comes back to these two homemade toys.

As he’s grown he’s changed the way he plays with them from chewing them and enjoying us shaking them for him to holding them and shaking them himself, and of course still chewing them-the ribbon toy has been especially good for teething.



This afternoon we’ve been playing with 3 new sensory toys I’ve made and have had a brilliant time exploring them.


The first bottle I’ve filled with rice and gold sparkly stars. Isaac has loved watching the rice move about inside, shaking the bottle, chewing it and enjoying the sound it makes when he squeezes the plastic.

The second bottle is filled with sweet wrappers-such hardship, Mr P and I had to eat the chocolates!- he enjoys looking at the colours

And it’s been a great chance to practice his fine motor skills playing with the individual wrappers


The third bottle is water, washing up liquid and again sparkly stars-I do love my glitter!
This bottle is heavier and he initially wasn’t sure but has learnt to hold it with 2 hands and loves it if we shake the bottle really fast and make lots of bubbles!

And that was our afternoon! I’m aiming to keep adding to his sensory toys, he seems to get so much out if them and I’m secretly quite chuffed he loves something I’ve made for him!


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  1. I love these ideas and have tomorrows activities planned now! I had a go at making sensory toys last month and also utilised the sweet wrappers (after forcing myself to eat them all!)

    He looks like he is really enjoying them!

  2. What a fab idea ! And yur mr Isaac is beautiful x

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