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My week that was #9

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Sunday again and time for my week that was.
It’s been a pretty quiet week, well as quiet as it can be with a 6 month old!

Monday we had a chilled time at home and popped out for a mothers day card in the afternoon.

Tuesday was time for Tiny Talk. Isaac was having a chat with one of the other babies which was cute. There’s always part of the session when we move round with our babies-no need to join a gym my arm muscles get a good workout holding Isaac!

Wednesday we went for a sunny walk. Isaac usually falls asleep but always starts off chatting away at the trees, cars, anything really!

Thursday was pretty quiet. Isaac and I had some nice time at home playing with his sensory toys that I’ve made.

Friday a work colleague popped round to see me but mostly have cuddles with Isaac! We went to baby sensory which had a mothers day pamper theme. Isaac especially enjoyed the bubble machine, he kept trying to catch the bubbles! He also seems to be developing a very cute laugh which he was showing off and making the other mums laugh!

Saturday we went shopping in the morning and then chilled at home.

Sunday has of course been Mothers Day. My first and it feels very special!
Isaac treated me to a pretty rose plant some yummy chocolate and a lovely card

He tried very hard to eat the card and liked the sparkly glitter-Mr P knows me well, I love glitter! He also wrote a very lovely poem inside which I know I’ll treasure.
We took Isaac swimming for the first time. He was very serious, taking everything in, but seemed to enjoy kicking his legs around!
Mr P made a yum Sunday lunch, Isaac especially enjoyed his broccoli, he seems to enjoy sucking the stalks!

We went for a walk in the afternoon, here’s Isaac getting ready

He had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, a rate chance for Mr P and I to chill and catch up on some tv!
A busy but lovely first mothers day with my gorgeous little family.
Don’t forget to head over to mummydaddyme to read more entries to my week that was

Have a good week! 🙂


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  1. HI – sound like a pretty full on week!! I’d be interested to see/know about the sensory toys youve made-have you done a post on it that I can read? Would love to try making some myself. If you havent dont a post…maybe you shoud 😉

  2. Awww he is such a smiley gorgeous baby boy! Happy first mothers day – it is special and you never realised how much until you become a mummy and get to celebrate the day yourself. Xx


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