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Saturday is caption day!

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20120317-062749.jpg Saturday again already! Here’s my picture, I look forward to reading your captions for it!

20120317-063048.jpg Don’t forget to look at the other great photos on Mammasaurus 🙂


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  1. I’m just hanging around!

  2. Lovely day for a bounce

  3. Think I’ll hang here for the rest of the day. Booooiiiiiinnnnng!

  4. Hey look I can stand up

  5. Here we go again. Dance for the puppet master…

  6. You wouldn’t believe the wedgy I have right now!

  7. BOIIIIIIING! Yep I’m darn cute. But you don’t know what I am bouncing into my nappy 😉

  8. What mummy doesn’t know is that while she is busy taking my photo I have just been bouncing with a full nappy!! Mwaaaah ha ha haaaaaa!

    Gorgeous boy x

  9. Hello. And who might you be?

  10. You may laugh now but wait ’til you have to change my nappy…


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