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My week that was #8

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Last week seemed to fly by! Not sure I dare say it, touch wood, crosses all fingers and toes! But we’ve had a few nights of just 2 wake ups, I can cope with that! Although think I might need to get a black out blind as Isaac seems to be slowly waking a little earlier each day!

Anyway, Monday!
I finally got my hands on some Cadburys Philadelphia! Sad but true! It’s yum, especially on toast!
We went for a lovely sunny walk in the afternoon.

Tuesday it was time for Tiny Talk. I feel so proud of Isaac; when we first went he rarely got through a session without getting upset or hungry or just generally not happy! Now he’s really starting to engage and is sitting unaided next to the other babies, it’s lovely to see:-)

Wednesday and Thursday we went for some lovely walks.

Friday there was no baby sensory so we had a little family coffee and cake date, it was nice.
For lunch Isaac tried yoghurt for the first time. I load up the spoon, hand it over and he knows exactly what to do! I’ve used this photo already this week but think its so cute once more won’t hurt!


My parents came to visit for the weekend! They very kindly brought Isaac a new book

We went for a walk to the beach-just escaping an incoming tide!

It was Isaacs first time seeing the sea, he was watching the waves very intently! I’m looking forward to him building his first sandcastle!

On Sunday it was so warm! We went to a local National Trust property, had a nice walk with mum and dad. Isaac practised his raspberry blowing, loudly!:-)
And that was our week! X



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  1. He is just adorable, sounds like a lovely week and lovely pics x

  2. There are some great pics there, I love the one of him watching the sea, the sky is great. Chocolate Phildelphia sounds gross! It was so warm on Sunday, it makes me excited for the summer time. I also love the end one of him he looks so cheeky! x

  3. Aw he is so cute and I am so glad you guys didnt get swept away by the sea, I love that pushchair by the way!


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