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Baby led weaning…..the story so far

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Every day I feel proud of Isaac but some days I just get an extra burst of pride and today has been one of those days.
We started weaning Isaac about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it was already time to introduce food, Id just started feeling really comfortable with breast feeding!
After doing a bit of research, seeing photos of my friends little girl tucking into spag bol, and if I’m perfectly honest not really liking the idea of pureeing loads of food-mainly pure laziness! We decided to try the baby led weaning approach.
Isaac let us know he was getting interested in food by helping himself to a piece of apple, he seemed to know exactly what to do after watching us for a few weeks!
We got him a highchair and started putting bits of food on the tray.
So far he’s tried everything we’ve put in front of him. ( and judging by the nappies something is being swallowed!) His co-ordination has improved so much just in 2 weeks and now whenever the high chair comes out his legs start kicking!

My burst of pride moment today was when we tried yoghurt. The first majorly messy food-we’ve been working up to it!
I put a bit on the spoon, handed it over, and stood well back! He studied it then used both hands to put in in his mouth and slurped it off!
It doesn’t sound much but just 2 weeks after his first taste of food I just felt so proud that he was using a spoon!
Here he is enjoying his yoghurt!



I’m looking forward to introducing Isaac to lots of foods and the mess that will come with it!


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  1. Sometimes I wish we tried blw, he looks like he enjoyed his food


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