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My week that was #7

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Time for my week that was! And I’d have to say my week was tiring! I obviously always knew having a baby = sleepless nights, but crikey some weeks!!!

Anyway, I can’t really remember much (that’s never a good sign sleep wise!) but I’ll have a go!

So,Monday, we went for a nice walk and as Monday seems to be becoming baking day I made a double chocolate marbled loaf, again from the Great British Bake off book, I’m working my way through the recipes! It tastes very yum-well it has double choc in so why wouldn’t it?!

Tuesday we went to Tiny Talk. Isaac spent most of the time rolling/looking at the lights or stained glass windows and occasionally looked to check I was still there!

Wednesday was quite a quiet day. Isaac is loving spending time in his bouncer. Mr P and I think he looks like he’s doing Riverdance! I played him the music whilst he was bouncing and he seemed to quite like it!

Thursday Isaac turned 6 months, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!

We’re so proud of our little boy, he’s learnt and changed so much in that time-smiling, laughing, ‘talking’, kicking his legs, waving his arms, rolling onto his tummy, lifting his head, the lust could go on and on!
Isaac seems to be really recognising himself on the mirror at the moment, loves checking himself out!

Friday was baby sensory with the theme of teddy bears picnic, lots of fun!

The weekend was pretty quiet-Mr P and I are like zombies! Saturday we popped to Tescos on the hunt for some Cadburys Philadelphia! Still no luck, the hunt goes on!
Isaac tried toast for the first time, seemed to be going down well!


Sunday it was horrid weather so we cooked a nice Sunday lunch, Isaac joined in, he seemed to get broccoli everywhere we kept finding bits hidden under his chin!

And that was our week! Fingers crossed next week I’ll be reporting more sleep but who knows! X



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  1. I love hearing what theme your baby sensory class has each week- it sounds so much fun! He is such a handsome little fella, I can’t believe he is six months, the time just goes so quickly. You certainly are good with the baking, I wish I was better than I was! x


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