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The theme for this weeks Gallery is friends.
Ive chosen our family dog whose sadly no longer with us.
She was with us for 13 years, 13 mad, muddy, slobbery years!
I had to toilet train her as a puppy while revising for my a levels and remember sitting in an exam and noticing tiny teeth marks around the pages of the book!
She soaked up the tears from a few heartbreaks too.
Her face and madly wagging tail every time I went home was brilliant, always shortly followed by her sitting by the pantry door where she knew the treats were!
This picture I just love because she looks so happy, she was never a big swimmer but loved splashing in water (and obviously the shaking after!)


Make sure you head to The Gallery to look at the other brilliant pictures


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  1. Looks like a lovely fun dog – bet she’s much missed.

  2. That’s so lovely. What a great pal to have as you’re growing up. So so sad when they have to say goodbye… Be sure to preserve your memories of her.

    Helen, Founder

  3. Awwww lovely take on this wks theme. Love the photo. Im dreading the day we lose our dog, shes ten now so getting on a bit x

  4. ok…my daughter wants a dog…
    and now, after reading you, and being all turner up and down, I think I’ll go and get one tomorrow !!!!
    My husband’s going to hate you !!!

  5. lovely post, dogs truly are the best friends xxx


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