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My week that was #6

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This week has been tiring! Isaac seems to be rolling onto his tummy in his sleep then waking up not sure where he is, bless him! So night times have been a bit unsettled, I hate that jet lagged feeling.

Monday was pretty quiet, we went for a nice walk and I made an apricot and marzipan cake. Mr P loves marzipan so he was happy!

Tuesday we went to our Tiny Talk class. One of the other babies was saying hello to Isaac, he’s still not sure about other babies, seems to view them with a certain amount of suspicion!
We had pancakes in the evening, I had traditional sugar and lemon on mine.

Wednesday was fairly quiet, Isaac is starting to enjoy looking at himself in the mirror, his smile at himself is gorgeous!


Thursday was very springlike so we enjoyed a lovely walk.

Friday we went to baby sensory. The theme this week was magic. Isaac seemed to enjoy the sparkly stars and his eyes are like saucers when the bubble machine comes out!

On Saturday I did some gardening. Last year the garden got a bit neglected-I can’t think why!-so its nice to be able to start tidying it up.
Isaacs doidy cup arrived so he can begin to learn how to drink. He’s doing brilliantly with baby led weaning. This week he’s tried apple, carrot, potato, baby sweet corn, and broccoli. I can’t stand broccoli so was impressed when he seemed to quite like it!

Sometimes he’s interested in food, other days he just wants to chew his bib!


On Sunday Mr P cooked Sunday lunch and I made an apple crumble for dessert.

And that was our week!
In hoping next week might involve more sleep but who knows! It all depends on a certain someone!



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  1. Sounds like a lovely week- your baby sensory class always sounds so fun with the themes and things. I love love love the photo of him eating the broccoli, it is taken from such a great angle. Marzipan is yuck ew, but my hubby loves it too!

    Here is too more sleep next week!


  2. your Isaac is a very good boy for eating some broccoli! i love it when they see themselves in the mirror and smile and pint at themselves – so cute to watch. I never took my two to baby sensory but from your description it sounds lovely.
    i hope you will get some more sleep. mine is almost 11 months old and has just started going through the night in the last week`! i don’t like to count my chickens too soon!! good luck on getting more x

    • So far he seems to be giving any food a good nom! Who knows how much is actually going in, I’ve become obsessed with his nappies!!
      Fingers crossed you get more full nights sleep! It’s my dream 🙂

  3. Wow, chewing on broccoli?! That is very impressive!

  4. Sounds like a busy week and such gorgeous photos x

  5. Apricot & Marzipan… was it from the GBBO book?? If so, I baked that in January and did the Bakewell cupcakes last week!

    I love your photos, that last one is gorgeous. x

    • Yes was from the GBBO book, I love that show:-) I’m working my way through the recipes!

      • Me too! Although I need to invest in some round cake tins as only have loaf tins or cupcake tins! I think I’ll try the vanilla and lemon cupcakes with different frosting next. Was a little disappointed with the bakewell cupcakes. Let me know which you bake next!

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