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Saturday is caption day!

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Mr Isaac loves toggles! On coats, jumpers, shirts…. His eyes light up and he reaches out to grab them-with surprising strength for a 5 month old!-and they inevitably end up where most things do, being chewed on!

He especially enjoys the toggles on Mr P’s hoodie and likes to have hold of both, chewing one at a time!

Mr P was joining in too!:-)



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  1. This is not how it worked in Lady and the tramp!

  2. The reenactment of the Lady and the Tramp scene didn’t really have the same appeal….

  3. Keep still daddy I’ll have that pesky tooth out in no time. I won’t hurt…

  4. Now I have you on a tight lead daddy

  5. Flossing is always easier when there’s someone to hold the end.

  6. No Daddy, this is my teething string, you need to get your own!

  7. Why do I feel like you’re just stringing me along?

  8. Does this come in different flavours dad?


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