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The Gallery-Landscapes

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The theme for this weeks Gallery is Landscapes.
Since Mr Isaac has been born most, if not all! our photos have been of him.
I do like landscapes though, they can inspire me to visit places or make great memories.
My photo was taken last winter when we had lots of snow, I’ve missed it this year!
We had a land rover so were able to enjoy the relatively quiet roads. The snow looks beautiful and it’s hard to believe there’s a road under there!

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  1. it all looks so clean in the snow.

  2. That does look great – wasn’t much fun at the time though! 😉

  3. I do love snowy scenes. I love the way snow transforms places.

  4. Gorgeous photo…I love snowy scenes… They look so peaceful and serene.

  5. Great pic – I have really missed all the snow this winter…Ho hum never mind

    Lou 🙂

  6. I love the way the pylons kind of frame the road – great photo

  7. Great pic. I love how pure the snow makes everything look.


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