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My week that was # 5

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This week has been noisy! Isaac is really finding his voice, he’s chatting to everything! Very cute. He’s also finding that those things on the end of his legs are his and look like they might be tasty!

Monday we went shopping for s valentines card for Mr P then made him some chocolate brownies-which I might have shared!


Tuesday was of course valentines day, our first as a 3. Mr P made my porridge extra special πŸ™‚


Wednesday Isaac tried his first food. I always kind of thought I’d wait till he was 6 months old-cant believe that’s in 2 weeks! And I’m quite keen to try a baby led approach. He’s been watching us eat very closely lately and on Wednesday just reached out for a piece of my apple and nommed on it, guess he’s telling us he’s ready to taste something other than milk! It’s very cute seeing his little tooth mark in the apple, I don’t think much is being swallowed but he looks happy gumming away!
Wednesday night Mr P was away so just me to get soaked at bath time!

Friday was a valentines special at baby sensory and Mr P came too! Lots of rose petals, bubbles, heart shaped balloons and we had a little dance at the end, lots of fun!

Saturday we brought Isaac a door bouncer. We tried it in the afternoon, he initially looked confused then started bouncing around looking very happy, he looks like he’s in Riverdance, very cute!


Sunday was nice and chilled. Isaac isn’t sleeping very well at night so neither are we, feeling a bit like zombies!
I made a banoffee pie after getting jealous of @moors_mummy having some! It’s pretty tasty and definitely not going to win any prizes for healthyness but I think we need the sugar at the mo!


And that was our week! Isaac is just lovely at the moment, his little character is starting to show and he’s full of smiles!



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  1. I love the bottom photo of him smiling- what an adorable smile. And I love his bouncer, I bet he loves it. Mads had a jumperoo which she loved when she was a little baby. Your hubby is so cute, putting a heart in the porridge, I hope you had a lovely first Valentines day as a three.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Looks like a busy week. Love all the cooking photos and your little boy is gorgeous. its so exciting when they start eating, we did baby led with our second and its brilliant. Will do it again next time. Have another great week xx

  3. awww Isaac is gorgeous!! lovely happy face
    all that yummy food you enjoyed this week is making me hungry! the romantic porridge is so sweet x

  4. Aww, Isaac is just gorgeous!

    We did baby led weaning and started C off on fruit and vegetables at about 5.5 months. It took until she was around 8 months old before we noticed her really eating but she’s now 2.5 and a brilliant eater.

    I love the porridge pic – so sweet πŸ™‚

  5. I think I have Banoffee Pie envy!!!
    Great post and round up of the week!

    m-m x


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