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My week that was # 4

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This week has been busy and noisy! Isaac is really exploring what he can do with his voice, it’s brilliant! Every now and then he blows a raspberry too, who needs a television?!

On Monday it was my birthday, my first as a mummy! I got my first card addressed to mummy, felt strangely grown up! Mr P and Isaac got me a lovely charm bracelet

I started the day with edible glitter in my porridge and had a Colin the Caterpillar cake- my favourite from M & S! A lovely day!

Tuesday we went to Tiny Talk. Isaac seems to spend the time looking at every mum but me! He’s still not sure about other babies, seems go view them with extreme suspicion! He seemed to enjoy the songs and rhymes and I get a chance to have ‘grown up’ conversation!

On Wednesday we went for a very icy walk, thank goodness for the pushchair or I would be falling over!

Thursday I had my hair cut! Admittedly not that exciting but it seems so much more complicated nowadays!

On Friday we had our baby sensory session-this week was rock and roll week, we had a good bop! It’s been freezing cold this week so we snuggled by the fire in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday we had a weekend away in Cambridge, catching up with friends and family. There was lots of snow and parts of the river were frozen-people were still punting though! Mad!
Saturday night was ‘fun!’ We were all in 1 hotel room. Isaac is quite a fidgety sleeper, one of the reasons we moved him to his own room at home. His travel cot makes a lot of noise when he moves so not much sleep for us! A lovely if tiring weekend!

All wrapped up after his bath!

And that was our week! X


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  1. Sounds like a lovely week- Happy Birthday. I have one of those charm bracelets, they are just gorgeous aren’t they? Mine is a treasured possession of mine. Rock and roll week sounds fun. I haven’t had my hair cut for about three months- its so bad I keep thinking how much I need to get it done. And Cambridge is where I am from, I live about twenty minutes away from there now- its a beautiful city and I love it. I am very proud of being from there.
    Thanks for linking up.x

    • I think I might have seen a link you posted about the bracelet and ‘suggested’ to Mr P I might like one! They’re gorgeous, my favourite pressie by far!
      Cambridge was lovely in the snow, we haven’t had any up north, not sure what Isaac made of it! X


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