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My week that was # 3

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I can’t believe it’s February already-and my birthday tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it so much more than last year when I had major morning sickness and spent the day being sick (I never could work out why it was called ‘morning’ sickness!)

This week has been full of rolling! Isaac is now finding it really easy to roll and practices at every chance he gets. Particularly just after his bath, it’s like trying to put a nappy on an octopus! He’s starting to move his arms and legs in preparation for crawling-uh oh!

It was generally a pretty chilled week. Isaac seems to have decided sleep is for wimps and started waking a few times at night-personally I think he’s so busy exploring his world during the day that he’s decided night time is when he’ll do his big feeds!

Monday was a baking day. I made a particularly tasty chocolate cake-I need the energy at the moment!
Heres Isaac practising his rolling, and drooling!


Tuesday we went for a lovely sunny walk.
Wednesday and Thursday I can’t really remember! I really am a bit sleep deprived this week but I’m sure both days involved lots of giggles and drool!

Friday we had our baby sensory class. This week was pirate week. Isaac really enjoyed the under the sea activity which involved lots of streamers, fish and a lobster! It’s nice seeing his reaction to other babies, so far he’s just doing lots of watching!
Friday was a big day-we can feel the top of a tooth! I kept trying to see but Isaac is good at covering it with his tongue!

Saturday we went to see Mr P’s parents and brother. Isaac was brilliant and keen to show off his rolling skills!
On Saturday afternoon it started to snow but sadly didn’t really settle. It was very cold, time for a snuggled afternoon in front of the fire.


Sunday we went for an icy walk and Mr P cooked a tasty Sunday lunch and amazing chocolate risotto.
I’ve felt quite spoilt this weekend, I have a brilliant husband, he makes me porridge each morning and makes a pattern with the honey! This is my favourite so far!


And that was our week!


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  1. Awww I love the porridge with a pattern in it, so cute! And what on earth is chocolate risotto, that sounds interesting? Risotto is my favourite meal by far. And what a milestone- cutting a tooth- that is so exciting!
    Sounds like you have had a lovely week. Happy birthday for tomorrow. x

    • Thank you! I’m loving my first birthday as a mummy, feels very grown up! And I had edible glitter on my porridge this morning, somehow it got on isaacs head too!
      Chocolate risotto is a recipe by Delia, it’s kind of like chocolate rice pudding! Quite rich but yum for a special occasion!

  2. Ah Happy Birthday, what a handsome little boy you have.
    What also a lovely hubby, I would love him to train mine lol.
    Once the rolling starts theres no stopping them xx

  3. Happy Birthday! Your hubby sounds fabulous, I wish my Mr would drizzle honey hearts for me! x


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