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The Gallery-Friends

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The theme for this weeks Gallery is friends.
Ive chosen our family dog whose sadly no longer with us.
She was with us for 13 years, 13 mad, muddy, slobbery years!
I had to toilet train her as a puppy while revising for my a levels and remember sitting in an exam and noticing tiny teeth marks around the pages of the book!
She soaked up the tears from a few heartbreaks too.
Her face and madly wagging tail every time I went home was brilliant, always shortly followed by her sitting by the pantry door where she knew the treats were!
This picture I just love because she looks so happy, she was never a big swimmer but loved splashing in water (and obviously the shaking after!)


Make sure you head to The Gallery to look at the other brilliant pictures


12 question meme

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This is the first meme I’ve been asked to do 🙂
I’ve been tagged by @moors_mummy whose asked 12 questions for me to answer, I then have to ask 12 questions and tag people to answer.

So here goes!
1. What’s the worst thing about being a parent? Without a doubt I’d say the disturbed sleep. It’s like horrid jet lag without the fun holiday! It’s the not knowing each night how much sleep I’m going to get that’s hard!
2. What’s your favourite book of all time (kid or adult)? I’ve always loved Dogger by Shirley Hughes. Ive read it to every class I’ve had and am looking forward to reading it to Isaac.
3. Holidays-sun or snow? Can I be awkward and say Autumn?! I can’t ski and sometimes get a bit bored on sun holidays but for our honeymoon we went to New England in Autumn, the colours of the leaves were just incredible.
4. What was your first job and how much per hour did you earn? My first job was in a newsagents earning £2 an hour-seems ridiculous now! I had to be at work at 7:30 and can remember cutting my hands on the newspaper bindings every week:-(
5. Beer, wine or spirits? Spirits definitely, in cocktail form!
6. Which famous person do you wish you’d sat next to at school? That’s a hard one, so many spring to mind, some for very shallow reasons-Brad Pitt to name just 1! I’d love to say someone from history and appear intelligent! But think I’ll say Miranda Hart as she’s someone I’d quite like as a friend.
7. Can you ride a bike, roller skate and do the splits? Yes to the first 2
8. Who was your first crush? Mark Dent from primary school
9. White,dark or milk chocolate? Umm all 3 as long as its Cadburys
10. What was the last thing you said to your husband? Can I have a cup of Ovaltine, crickey I sound old!
11. What was your favourite subject at school? English at A-level was brilliant due to a slightly bonkers teacher.
12. What is your favourite pudding? Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream

Right, phew! My turn now

1. What’s your favourite time of day?
2. Where would you most like to visit and who with?
3. Which superpower would you have for a day?
4. Favourite song?
5. Which skill would you like to learn?
6. What made you laugh today?
7. Ideal breakfast?
8. Sunset or sunrise?
9. What’s your favourite board game?
10. Best biscuit to have with a cuppa?
11. Favourite place in the UK?
12. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Sorry if you’ve already been tagged in lots of these! I’m going to tag

Have fun! X

My week that was #6

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This week has been tiring! Isaac seems to be rolling onto his tummy in his sleep then waking up not sure where he is, bless him! So night times have been a bit unsettled, I hate that jet lagged feeling.

Monday was pretty quiet, we went for a nice walk and I made an apricot and marzipan cake. Mr P loves marzipan so he was happy!

Tuesday we went to our Tiny Talk class. One of the other babies was saying hello to Isaac, he’s still not sure about other babies, seems to view them with a certain amount of suspicion!
We had pancakes in the evening, I had traditional sugar and lemon on mine.

Wednesday was fairly quiet, Isaac is starting to enjoy looking at himself in the mirror, his smile at himself is gorgeous!


Thursday was very springlike so we enjoyed a lovely walk.

Friday we went to baby sensory. The theme this week was magic. Isaac seemed to enjoy the sparkly stars and his eyes are like saucers when the bubble machine comes out!

On Saturday I did some gardening. Last year the garden got a bit neglected-I can’t think why!-so its nice to be able to start tidying it up.
Isaacs doidy cup arrived so he can begin to learn how to drink. He’s doing brilliantly with baby led weaning. This week he’s tried apple, carrot, potato, baby sweet corn, and broccoli. I can’t stand broccoli so was impressed when he seemed to quite like it!

Sometimes he’s interested in food, other days he just wants to chew his bib!


On Sunday Mr P cooked Sunday lunch and I made an apple crumble for dessert.

And that was our week!
In hoping next week might involve more sleep but who knows! It all depends on a certain someone!


Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday


Pinterest Party #2

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My addiction to Pinterest seems to be growing!
The theme for this weeks Pinterest party is Rainbows.
Rainbows are so simple and pure, beautiful colours, completely natural and a reminder the world is pretty clever without the help of us humans!
I love the colours of a rainbow, so bright and just fun!
I found it hard to choose 1 photo but thought this 1 was appropriate as it was Shrove Tuesday this week 🙂


I’m looking forward to looking at other peoples pins, so come join the Pinterest Party!


Saturday is caption day!

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Mr Isaac loves toggles! On coats, jumpers, shirts…. His eyes light up and he reaches out to grab them-with surprising strength for a 5 month old!-and they inevitably end up where most things do, being chewed on!

He especially enjoys the toggles on Mr P’s hoodie and likes to have hold of both, chewing one at a time!

Mr P was joining in too!:-)


The Gallery-Landscapes

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The theme for this weeks Gallery is Landscapes.
Since Mr Isaac has been born most, if not all! our photos have been of him.
I do like landscapes though, they can inspire me to visit places or make great memories.
My photo was taken last winter when we had lots of snow, I’ve missed it this year!
We had a land rover so were able to enjoy the relatively quiet roads. The snow looks beautiful and it’s hard to believe there’s a road under there!

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