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Bringing Isaac home from hospital was so nerve racking! Every bump in the road, car that I thought was going too fast was a worry, knowing we had our precious bundle on the back seat. I just couldn’t believe less than 24 hours before I’d been hanging onto the dashboard cursing as Mike didn’t see the speed bump as I was mid contraction!

Dressing him that first time in hospital I felt all thumbs! So afraid I’d do it wrong, how to get his arms in the sleeves, it seemed impossible!


I love this photo, such a proud dad moment!

He’s only 21 weeks old but it already seems like such a long time ago!
I’m looking forward to next weeks linky, I have a feeling it will involve something with ears!


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  1. What a lovely photo- and a adorable little going home outfit. My favourite photos are the ones taken of my little girl with her Daddy. I adore them. Thanks for linking up. And looking forward to seeing the ears next week! 😉 x

  2. Awwww, that first car journey is so nerve-wracking. That picture is so cute. What an adorable little outfit.
    Thanks for linking up. X


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