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The week that was # 1

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This week Isaac turned 20 weeks old. Amazing to think he’s already that old-although the bags under my eyes are testimony to it!
Isaac has discovered he has a tongue and that this is great for blowing raspberries and cheeky smiles! He’s loving rolling onto his side and manages to wriggle very quickly from one spot to another!
He’s had a horrid cold and cough this week so we’ve spent a lot of time snug by the fire but have ventured out too!

Monday we had date lunch with Daddy at the M & S cafe. Isaac had a quick beak around but spent most of it sleeping! A nice chance for mummy and daddy to have a catch up-and mummy’s favourite carrot cake! Yum!

Tuesday we enjoyed a frosty walk. Isaac was quite happy peaking out from under his hood!


Thursday was snug by the fire and some teething action-Sophie the Giraffe was getting a good battering!


Saturday we went out for lunch, Isaac had a chance to practise his raspberries!


Isaac is finally feeling better! So we’re looking forward to a week of being out and about!


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  1. Thanks for joining in and I am pleased to have found your blog. Sounds like you had a lovely week and your little boy is very cute. I love the photo of him with Sophie la Giraffe, my little girl used to love hers. I am glad he is feeling better too. x


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