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My week that was # 2

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This has been a week full of giggles! Isaac is developing such a cute giggle, my hair seems to be especially funny!

We’ve also discovered that at nearly 5 months old Isaac has a rather cute disgusted face! He’s been taking antibiotics to clear up a slight chest infection and he really doesn’t like the taste! He’s quite stubborn about it, pursing up his lips, moving his head and even grabbing my hands! Frustrating but so cute too!

Monday I can’t remember much but it definitely involved rolling! Isaac looks so chuffed when he manages to roll from back to front, he loves practising, especially at nappy free time!

Tuesday I had a meeting at work, Isaac was brilliant, quite happy chewing on his ribbon toy


Wednesday we had a nice sunny walk

Thursday we met up with a friend and her little girl whose a month older than Isaac. They were chatting away to each other, lots of important things to say!

Friday we went to baby sensory. This week it was all about colour. We had a lovely time. Lots of coloured scarves, streamers and play dough. Isaac especially loved the sparkly Pom poms!
He was worn out by the end


Saturday morning we had quite an early start. Isaac was wide awake at 5am, made sure we were both awake then went back to sleep! The picture below was taken when he woke up, ‘why are you looking so tired mummy and daddy? Ive had a lovely lie in!’


We decided to go for a walk to try and wake us up, it was lovely, sunny and frosty


Sunday it was -1 so we were tempted to stay indoors! We wrapped up very warm and braved the quayside market. We treated ourselves to some yummy cup cakes and had a walk by the river.



And that was our week!


Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday


Hello world!

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Bringing Isaac home from hospital was so nerve racking! Every bump in the road, car that I thought was going too fast was a worry, knowing we had our precious bundle on the back seat. I just couldn’t believe less than 24 hours before I’d been hanging onto the dashboard cursing as Mike didn’t see the speed bump as I was mid contraction!

Dressing him that first time in hospital I felt all thumbs! So afraid I’d do it wrong, how to get his arms in the sleeves, it seemed impossible!


I love this photo, such a proud dad moment!

He’s only 21 weeks old but it already seems like such a long time ago!
I’m looking forward to next weeks linky, I have a feeling it will involve something with ears!

The week that was # 1

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This week Isaac turned 20 weeks old. Amazing to think he’s already that old-although the bags under my eyes are testimony to it!
Isaac has discovered he has a tongue and that this is great for blowing raspberries and cheeky smiles! He’s loving rolling onto his side and manages to wriggle very quickly from one spot to another!
He’s had a horrid cold and cough this week so we’ve spent a lot of time snug by the fire but have ventured out too!

Monday we had date lunch with Daddy at the M & S cafe. Isaac had a quick beak around but spent most of it sleeping! A nice chance for mummy and daddy to have a catch up-and mummy’s favourite carrot cake! Yum!

Tuesday we enjoyed a frosty walk. Isaac was quite happy peaking out from under his hood!


Thursday was snug by the fire and some teething action-Sophie the Giraffe was getting a good battering!


Saturday we went out for lunch, Isaac had a chance to practise his raspberries!


Isaac is finally feeling better! So we’re looking forward to a week of being out and about!